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Pulse Youth Group 2018
First Baptist Church of Fountain Hills
Last updated: February 18, 2018
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  • Summer Camp Sign Up Forms


  • February 21, Wed. Newsboys United. Prescott Valley, AZ. 7pm. Info.

  • February 25, Sun. Rock And Worship Roadshow. @GCU.

  • February 28-March 2, Thurs-Sat. Memorial Championship. Info.

  • March 5, Mon. NF Concert The Van Buren. Info.

  • March 15, Thurs. Rend Collective Concert. Info.

  • June 17-22, Sun-Fri.. ms Summer Camp. Hume SD. Form. $499

  • June 24-29, Sun-Fri. Kids Summer Camp. K-6th grades.

  • July 7-14, Sat-Sat. Haiti Trip. Info.

  • July 15-20, Sun-Fri. HS Summer Camp. Hume SD. Form. $499
High School:    7:30p-8:30p
Middle School: 6:00p-7:00p

Middle School: 9:00a-10:10a
High School: 9:00a-10:10a

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